Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Limablas, Changkat

I went to this restaurant last Wednesday for a farewell lunch for my friends who came from thousand miles away. A good choice to have a farewell lunch for them, to let them have a taste of Nyonya food. 5 of us and we ordered 5 dishes including 2 set lunch and dessert. We could barely move after the satisfying meal.

The owner of Limablas is a Chinese uncle, who usually sits outside in the open air area of the restaurant during lunch time. I have been told by my friend that all the food are prepared by the owner himself. Limablas serves really tasty Nyonya food and the interior of the restaurant is designed and decorated to be like an old school grocery store, which is pretty cool. Great for photos as well, if there is no one sitting nearby.

As set lunch are meant for one person, the portion of the chicken that come as part of the set lunch is quite small to be shared among the 5 of us. But in our case, it's probably for the best because of the amount of food we ordered. It's best not to waste the food. We ordered the set lunch for Tamarind Chicken and Chicken Pong Teh. It was so good. The sauces, were perfect. Sweet, yet savoury at the same time. I could finish the whole rice with just the sauces. The cincaluk omelette were good as well. We ordered an ala carte dish of the Cincaluk Omelette. It's good, but its a bit salty if it's only the omelette without any rice.

Tamarind Chicken Set Lunch with Cincaluk Omelette 

Chicken Pong Teh Set Lunch with Cincaluk Omelette 

We also ordered Nyonya Fried Noodle and Nyonya Fried Rice. The Nyonya Fried Noodle feels very much like Hokkien Style Fried Noodle. It's only mediocre for me, not my favourite. The Nyonya Fried Rice was the boom! All 5 of us love the Nyonya Fried Rice. I strongly recommend the Nyonya Fried Rice. Unfortunately, I have no photo of the Nyonya Fried Rice, you could see it at the background of the first photo of this post though.

Nyonya Fried Noodle

 After that, we decided to order ABC and Cendol. The ABC was disappointing, would not recommend it at all. It was bland, almost tasteless. The Cendol was one of the best I have ever tasted. The gula melaka was sweet yet not to the extent that I would feel like getting diabetes soon. Perfect for a hot weather!
ABC and Cendol

15 Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+6)03-2110 1289

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